Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Here is the progress I am making with Substance Designer; I got a license based on student status in my master's program at The Academy of Art University and I'm learning from those generous people in the industry like Jeremy Estrellado- one of the most generous and experienced people I know-someone, who even working at a high end studio like Ubisoft Massive in Sweden, is willing and kind enough to make time out of his schedule to support others. Also, the above piece is supposed to fit in the below image as the base_floor_1.fbx file. The Art Direction is post apocalyptic modern, with a little bit of sci-fi flavor. I need to get this thing, somehow, into Unreal with its current maps. How will I do it? I do not know yet.

Also, here is a current snapshot of the scene I'm working on currently.
The floor was built out of Substance Painter. I still have to learn the Designer/UE4 production pipeline. Designer is still daunting; I am grateful that there are others who generously share their knowledge over the internet.

BTW, here is a link to where a lot of generous people migrate towards:

If you are lucky-you'll be invited to the discord channel where everyone shares their experiences.

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